Do you need help with HAVC, Heating and Cooling Repair Services Toronto, GTA?

At House Depots, we are the experts in HAVC, Heating and Cooling Repair Services Toronto, GTA. But before you go for installation, you need to know some basics about these systems. HVAC systems require proper cleaning and timely maintenance service to prevent premature failure.

If your home boiler is giving you troubles, here are some troubleshooting tips before you call someone –

  • Check whether the boiler is empty or filled with water?
  • Check whether the power is switched on?
  • Check if the thermostat is on and has the batteries required to operate?
  • Check if there’s electric supply available?
  • Has the company turned off the gas/electric supply to the boiler?
  • Has it tripped?
  • Is the circulator pump working?
  • Did the radiators bleed?
  • Are the valves of the radiator open?
  • Is there any gas leakage?
  • Is the programming set point correct?
  • If you are facing any problems with your HVAC systems, here is what we can offer:
  • Forced Air furnace Repair

Forced Air furnace Repair

Heating Diagnostics/Troubleshooting 

Our basic service pack begins at $85 in which you get a licensed technician visiting your home and providing you the details of cost for the repair and maintenance services. He will take care of

  1. Troubleshooting the problem
  2. Supplement any parts, if needed to fix the unit
  3. Perform safety checks

Some of the common problems that might arise in furnaces could be –

  1. It does not generate heat
  2. It turns on but does not remain on
  3. Detector beeps when turned on
  4. Thermostat and display stop working
  5. Water leakage in the furnace
  6. Rumbling noises
  7. Poor air pressure in supply grills
  8. Inaccurate temperature is displayed at thermostat
Forced air furnace repair


Here are some DIY diagnostic tips for the thermostat before you call a professional:

  1. Check for the power supply
  2. Is the furnace breaker on?
  3. Is the thermostat working?
  4. Is the filter clean or stuffed with dirt?
  5. Has the condensate pipe clogged?

And, if there is still the need for a HAVC, Heating and Cooling Repair Services Toronto, GTA, you can give us a call and our experts will reach you in the quickest possible time!