Electrical Tasks

Almost every building has an electrical power, communications, lighting, and control system that is installed during construction and maintained after that. These systems power the lights, appliances, and equipment that make people’s lives and jobs easier and more comfortable. We at HouseDepot Home Services perform the tasks to the highest standards

  • Duct Smoke Detector
  • Carbon Monoxide(Co), and smoke detectors
  • security video camera installations
  • security video door bell camera
  • potlight installation
  • wiring/rewiring
  • ESA wiring inspection
  • Knob and Tube Wiring
  • Aluminium(Al)wiring/
  • chandelier installation
  • light fixture and bathroom fan
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • surge protector, gfci, and arc fault
    installation and detection
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All house wiring and repairs are done to code, and all our work is guaranteed to pass inspection with the ESA on the first inspection. Among our services, we also provide replacements, repairs and upgrades.


Frequent Questions


How much the job costs me

In our years of experience, we have found that our customers prefer an accurate price based on their exact electrical issue. Most phone quotes are subject to change once the technician sees the job. 


Sed Rhoncus Ullamcorper Nulla?

Whole Home Surge Protection provides protection to all the electrical equipment in your home from surges and spikes that can be created outside or even inside your home. It acts just like the high quality power bars we often buy for our entertainment systems or our computer systems, but instead it protects all the devices in your home.


Is aluminum wiring a fire hazard or is my aluminum wiring safe?

Aluminum wiring was used in the late 1960s and into the mid-1970s in many homes across North America. Aluminum wiring itself is not dangerous to have in your house. The issue with aluminum wiring is in faulty terminations either in receptacles and switches, or light fixtures and equipment. Due to expansion and contraction of the conductor itself and the fact that aluminum will oxidize over time, heat can be generated at points where the aluminum wiring is improperly terminated. 


can I do the work myself?

Many areas allow a home owner to do their own electrical work, provided they take out the proper permits and have the work inspected by the proper authorities. The safety of your family and your home should always be considered before you undertake any electrical work. 


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