Hot Water Tanks; hot water takes about 17 to 20% of our heating bill. so more efficient, less the bill. please visit, on a real saving steps to take.

illustration of electric and atmospheric hot water tank
Installed Power Vent

Quick, easy and effortless Hot Water Tank Installation, Maintenance and Repair Toronto!

Did you know that hot water tanks make close to 20% of your electricity bill? This is the reason you need to have an efficient water heater if you want to save some bucks on the electricity bill. And, that’s exactly what House Depots can help you achieve.

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Different types of water heaters

  1. Atmospheric vent water heater, using gas/oil
  2. power vent water heater, using gas/oil
  3. Direct Vent water heater
  4. Electric water heater
  5. high-efficiency water heater
  6. Polaris high-efficiency water heater
  7. storage water heater
  8. solar water heater

At House Depots, we can help you find the perfect water heater for your home. We have a wide range of water heater tanks and systems available to us. Based upon your personal requirements and energy consumption needs, we can supplement you with the not just the finest Hot Water Tank, but also take care of the Installation, Maintenance and Repair services in Toronto as well; so that you don’t have to worry about the present as well as future of your water heater systems.

With a complete satisfaction guarantee, we assure that you won’t regret making the choice to be with House Depots! From helping you understand how the heating water systems work to giving you tips on how to select the most efficient one for your home, our team of experts will help you in all aspects.

Don’t want to go through the hassle of finding the right water heating system? Leave it to us – we will select the most efficient water system for your home, and bring a smile on your face!