Furnace Repair: Electric, Oil, Natural Gas and Propane

The replacement of a furnace can be costly and by no means is it always a necessity.  When repairing is a good option in that the cost is significantly less than replacement and the furnace should continue to work for a decent period of time HouseDepot will let you know this so you can choose with confidence.  We will also help you with other information such as your furnace’s efficiency and electricity usage compared to a new model and when you might be entitled to a rebate.

Your furnace repair checklist

 HouseDepot is pleased to send out a technician at your request however, there are several easy things to check so that you can avoid having to get someone out to you.

✔ Your thermostat may not be set to heat.

When winter comes on you need to set your thermostat from it’s summer cooling to its winter heating.  It takes just a second to check and should be the first thing you check for.

✔ Your furnace switch may be off.

Your furnace has a switch, just like a light switch, that controls the flow of electricity to your furnace.  It can generally be found at the side of the unit or nearby on the wall.  It may have been accidentally switched off by something brushing against it or by someone who had intended to switch it back on but forgot to do so.

✔ The circuit breaker may have tripped.

It is possible that the circuit breaker for your furnace has tripped at some point in time.  You can turn it back on and if it does not trip again you have nothing to worry about.  Checking can make sure the power to your furnace is on.

✔ Furnace vents may be blocked.

The furnace has vents which lead from your furnace to the outside of the house.  Things such as snow or slush or even bird’s nests can block the vent and cause your furnace not to work.  Make sure the vents are cleared out. HouseDepot’s technicians can inspect them but it can often be detected and cleared by the homeowner.  

✔ The furnace filter may need to be replaced.

A dirty filter can stop your furnace from working correctly.  If you haven’t changed it in a while (more than 3 months when the furnace is operating)  you might want to check it.  Replacing the filter takes only a few minutes and the results may surprise you.