Electric Boiler Heating Installation and Repair

Finding an electric Boiler Heating System Installation and Repair Services in Toronto, GTA does not have to be this tough!

At House Depots, we are here to help you with Electric Boiler Heating System Installation and Repair Services in Toronto, GTA! As you might know, a fuel burning burner makes use of fuel and electricity. The heating element in the burner is in the form of the fuel, whose burning is carried out with the help of electricity. The electricity is supplemented by the usual residential 15A wire. However, if there is any electric failure the electric boiler won’t work. 

Another interesting thing about electric boilers is that they use electricity for heating as well as circuit control. For a typical broiler of 70,000 BTU/HR, you require 100A electricity. To have such a boiler at home, you need to possess a 200A service panel.

If you are looking for reasons why you need to invest in an electric burner, there are more than plenty. Here are a few of them –

  • Clean energy
  • No combustion gases
  • Less risk of fires
  • No venting of fuel
  • More efficient
  • Easy and affordable installation
A typical electric boiler installed