The air we breathe can have a profound effect on our well being. We, at housedepots have state of the art for testing air quality at your home and know how to purify the contaminant in your house. Common indoor irritants in the house/offices

  1. VOC(any gas coming from materials, such as hardwood flooring, furnitures, paints or even air we breathe out)
  2. poorly managed humidity(may need dehumidification in the basement or whole house) in the house
  3. pets dandler and hair(vacuum and clean the carpets and floors regularly)
  4. cleaners put under the kitchen sink. Consider buying cleaners without voc
  5. second hand smoke
  6. carbon monoxide, and No
  7. sewer gas coming from the sink or bathroom drains
  8. mold spores
  9. inadequate ventilation due to mechanical or building issues
  10. Radon issues in the basement
  11. radioactive marble or granite in the home.
  12. Water damage issues leading to odour complaints or mold growth.
  13. pollution(such as bacteria and viruses) caused by both humans, pets, and pests
    to read more click EPA of USA

As a rule of thumb, the followings are the most important to have a clean home:

A. ELIMINATE HARMFUL FUMES. Keep your home’s air free of harsh fumes: Buy nontoxic candles and don’t allow smoking indoors. (source:

B. FILTER OUT PARTICLES AND IRRITANTS. Incorporating a particle filter or air purifier into your air-handling system will keep dirt out of the air, out of your ductwork, and off of your heating and cooling components.(Source: ASHRAE)

C. REFRESH YOUR HOME WITH BETTER VENTILATION. Proper ventilation supplies fresh air to your home and dilutes or removes stale air. (Source: National Center for Healthy Housing)

D. CONTROL YOUR HOME CLIMATE. Adjust your home humidity to the optimum comfort zone: Between 30% and 50%. (Source: WebMD)

Humidifier with fan to force humidity
whole house hepa with voc, bacteri,& mold removal capability
Whole house Cleaner, Electroair
ERV from fantech